Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Website Design-Social Media Integration

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Fort Lauderdale Web Network empowers the business owner by creating an Internet marketing network of social media sites controlled by a website design that is integrated with the network.

Fort Lauderdale Web Network is a full service Internet marketing consulting business, specializing in Social Media Advertising and Web Design. Clients are encouraged to choose products that are suitable for marketing their product or service. We design websites with links to a custom social media network. Blog is configured on website that automatically posts to social media accounts. Websites and social media accounts are integrated and optimized for search engines (SEO). Website design and social networks are custom designed with amazing graphics.

Social Media Marketing came to age in 2013. Social networks are exploding with activity. This technology is not going anywhere. It is here to stay and just getting started. The technology we use is less than a year old. They are still debugging the code. This is a new book on marketing. It will soon replace print ads due to cost and visibility.

FLWEBNET also offers complete small business marketing design. Graphic design, animation, video production, logos, animated logos, business cards, menus, print ads, flyers and email design are used for product branding. Design aesthetics customized for desired market are applied to all products. Business consulting for the twenty first century educates the client on state of the art marketing practices. Proven Techniques gathered from other business around the world are simplified, filtered and customized for each client. Client is coached on record keeping, business aesthetics and marketing design.

FLWEBNET has grasped this concept while many businesses are still without a social network. As they find out what I can do they will become part of the network. I have spent many years in school and at my desk learning web design, animation, graphic design and Internet technology. I have learned html, Flash, Dreamweaver and many technologies as they were developed. The study of the arts, fine arts, has enabled me to bring it all together with pleasing aesthetics. I can provide clients with everything they need to start a thriving business. My skills are technical as well as artistic. I do this with the organizational skills I have acquired by being a busy man with a business, personal, and spiritual life. I will work with clients from a professional perspective as well as provide the personal input that will make projects successful.

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Website Design-Social Media Integration

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