Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Updated Fee Schedule for Internet Marketing Services

Welcome to Fort Lauderdale Web Network. The network is growing and looking for new businesses to be part of our business directory and network. Below you will find a list of our prices. Whatever your budget, I can put you on the map-the Google Map. Fill out the form for the directory or call Dennis at 954-763-2332. We can create a package that is right for your budget and right for your business. Remember, I can create a website that people will notice. I can create a social network that will direct even more clients to your website. Being part of Fort Lauderdale Web Network attracts your website to all of our friends on Facebook, Twitter, and 10 other social media sites. I can help you understand social media and help you make it work for you!

Fort Lauderdale Web Network offers free listing on our business directory with Facebook, Twitter, Website and Email links

business directory

Business Directory Listing-FREE!

Basic Website Package $399*


  • Home page

  • About page

  • Contact page with Google map

  • Blog, post, advertising page

  • Data collection form

  • Links to social media accounts

  • One year free hosting

  • Custom email account

*$25 for domain name registration

Social Media Network $499*


  • Delicious

  • Facebook

  • Friendfeed

  • LinkedIn

  • Live Journal

  • Plurk

  • Pinterest

  • Stumble Upon

  • Tumblr

  • Twitter

  • Youtube

  • Google+*

  • Blogger

*includes website integration

Additional Services

  • Logo design- $200

  • Animated logo design- $500

  • Custom graphics- $100 per image

  • Custom Banner-$200

  • PayPal payment form- $200

  • Credit card processing-$400

  • Custom slideshow with thumbnail navigation-$100

  • Appointment calendar with PayPal payment option-$300

  • 30 second commercial with motion graphics-$200-500

  • 30 second commercial with 3D animation-$2000-5000

Existing domains

  • Domain transfer-$100

  • Domain registration-$25

check out our videos on YouTube!

Updated Fee Schedule for Internet Marketing Services

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