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How to write a post with WordPress SEO by Yoast

WordPress SEO

How to use WordPress SEO by Yoast

Fort Lauderdale Web Network would like to announce a new production video for clients and those interested in becoming clients. You can view it here or on Youtube. ‘How to Write Posts, Using WordPress SEO by Yoast’ is a tutorial that will help you write better posts for your website. It is an introduction to using keywords, meta description, SEO title and other features of this great WordPress Plugin.

‘How to Write Posts, Using WordPress SEO by Yoast’ is a step by step tutorial that will help you to write better posts, optimize them using WordPress SEO by Yoast, and apply SEO to your images. This tutorial explains how to write posts based on keywords. It explains how to write an SEO Title and meta descriptions and where to put them. It also shows you how to apply SEO to your images and add links to your post. Finally, it will show you how to publish your post on 10 social media accounts.

I invite you to ask questions. I am open for discussion of my services. If I base a video on your question, I will award you with a $100 discount on your website design fee. I provide a wide range of multimedia services to enhance your presence on the web. In addition to website design and social media network creation, I provide graphic design services such as logo design and business card design. I am a 3D artist so I can design an animated logo for you as well. Finally, if you like these videos, I would be happy to produce one for your business.

‘How to Write Posts, Using WordPress SEO by Yoast’

Hello Everyone! Welcome to Fort Lauderdale Web Network. Congratulations on your new website. Now it is time to make it work for you. In this tutorial we will create a post and optimize it for search engines. We are going to post to one of my websites, Shining Spirit Meditation.

• Write your post. Start with a keyword or phrase. Think of something that people will use to search for your business. Use the keyword or phrase 2-4 times for every 100 words of text. Try to make your posts as interesting as possible. Content matters. It is best to write over 300 words of text for every post, but anything over 100 words will work.

• Once you have written your content, go to your website dashboard by typing /wp-admin after your web address. There are several ways to get to the new post window. Two of them are on the dashboard.

• Copy and paste your text into the content window of the new post page. Select one instance of your key word or phrase and copy and Paste it into the title bar, the editable portion of the permalink, at the top of your post window, before the text, and into each blank area of a plug-in that I have installed, WordPress SEO by Yoast.

• While the text is still on your clipboard, click on the ‘add media’ button and upload the image that you would like to include with your post. Paste the keyword into every blank area of the attachment details. You can type a sentence or phrase in the caption field and a paragraph about your image, post, or website in the description field. Click ‘insert into post’.

• Now we are going to add some links to the post. Copy and paste this code: TEXT into the content window right after your post and before the code for your image. Replace URL with the URL of the website you want to link to. Replace TEXT with the text you want your users to see. Now type
to insert a line break and add another link. Add as many links as you like. Search engines like links.

• Now, save the post as a draft, by clicking the ‘save as draft’ button

• Go to the right side of the window and see what color your SEO bubble is. The color indicates the strength of your post. Click on the ‘check’ button.

• Under the ‘page analysis’ tab note the comments and the color. If they are green, the comment describes a good thing. Red is something that you definitely want to change. The colors in between are optional. Change them if you can, but don’t sweat it if you can’t or choose not to.

• See the yellow bubble that says ‘No subheading tags (likeH2) appear in the copy.’ Remember the key word that we pasted at the beginning of the post? We are going to make that a subheading. Type

before the key word or phrase and

after it.

• Make an interesting sentence out of the SEO title. It takes up to 70 characters. Use more key words of you can. Write a short paragraph describing your post or your site where your meta description goes. This is an opportunity to describe your post or your site using as many key words as you can.

• Click the check button. Edit your post until most of the bubbles are green.

• Make sure all of the boxes are checked in the Social Networks Auto Poster by clicking the ‘check all’ link in the upper right corner of the plug-in window. When you click ‘Publish’ you will automatically post to all of the social media accounts that I have configured in the plug-in.

There is no right or wrong way to post to your website. It is important to post good content on a regular basis. This tutorial describes just one way to increase the visibility of your web site.

If you have any questions or comments about this post, leave a comment on my website, If you would like to create a website and social media network please email Dennis Replogle at

Above all, TWEET, LIKE, AND FOLLOW! The following links are all tweetable, likable and by following you are establishing contact with thousands of social media users. Let me know how it goes with your website. Check for new tutorials on my Youtube channel and on my website.

How to write a post with WordPress SEO by Yoast

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